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If you or someone you know is a victim of domestic violence please call our Crisis Line at 818-887-6589

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Since 1977, over 600,000 women and children experiencing domestic violence have been offered a full spectrum of services by Haven Hills to help end the cycle of violence and begin to rebuild their lives.

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Haven Hills' Impact

Through these vital programs, Haven Hills has made a significant impact. In 2009:

  • Over 1,000 calls from battered women were made to the crisis line
  • Almost 13,000 calls on behalf of battered women were made to the crisis line
  • More than 100 women and 200 children sought a safe haven in the 30-day crisis shelter
  • More than 150 clients grew through counseling provided by Haven Hills staff
  • 19 women and 42 children resided at Haven Two to move their lives forward

Clients served during 2008-2009 represented a range of ethnicities:

Ethnicity Percentage
African American 8%
Caucasian 21%
Latino/Hispanic 60%
American Indian 1%
Asian Pacific Islander 4%
Other 6%

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